Emerging Markets

Turan is a pioneer in helping emerging markets develop.

By creating markets for the debt of developing countries, Turan has laid a foundation for capital markets in Latin America, West Africa, Eastern Europe and the Near East. Turan's activities have benefited thousands of counterparties and investors in transactions with an aggregate value in excess of US$ 4.3 billion.

Turan Corporation's founder, Robert P. Smith, is one of four people who "...significantly contributed to the birth of the debt market, and possibly even the entire emerging market investment community, well ahead of Wall Street's more prominent houses" according to financial author Peter Marber.

Mr. Smith is the author of Riches Among the Ruins: Adventures in the Dark Corners of the Global Economy (richesamongtheruins.com) (Amacom, March 2009), which details his time spent buying and selling high-risk debt in some of the most downtrodden economies in Latin America, Africa, Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

Private Equity Secondaries

Turan Corporation also assists endowments, pension funds, foundations and family offices in achieving the optimal secondary placement of their investments in private equity, venture and real estate funds. Our joint venture with the leading buy-side agent brings more than a decade of experience in the secondary market for private equity and allows us access to the entire universe of established and emerging secondary buyers.

Our website is accessible only to clients and prospects. If you wish access to the site, kindly send us a message stating your interest and identifying the institution you represent.

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